“EurAsia Heart – a Swiss Medical Foundation” is a humanitarian, non-profit Swiss organisation and represents the Charity Project of Swiss International Medical Group AG.

The foundation focuses on training and education in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery of neonates, children and adults and is mainly active in Armenia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. On request of the governments, EurAsia Heart educates the medical personnel in these countries in their own departments delivering abroad what is hardest to learn: practical knowledge, technical skills and its implementation on the operating table as well as the intensive care unit.

The head quarter of EurAsia Heart is located at the University Hospital Zurich. EurAsia Heart offers basic as well as advanced postgraduate teaching in numerous hospitals in the countries mentioned above.

The pool of teaching experts of the Foundation is international and is – among others – derived from Yale University, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, USA; the University Hospital of Vienna, Austria; the University Hospital Zurich, the University Hospital Berne and the Children's Hospital, all in Zurich, Switzerland; the Pavlov Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia; the Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center in Kiev, Ukraine; and the University Hospital Munster, Germany just to mention a few.

Adolf Ogi

Former Swiss President

Gerhard Schröder

Former German Chancellor

The Board of Trustees of EurAsia Heart consists of successful entrepreneurs. Former Federal President Dr. Adolf Ogi and former Chancellor of Germany, Dr. Gerhard Schröder act as Co-Presidents of the Patronage Committee. The “Swiss Government for Internal Affairs” directly monitors EurAsia Heart Foundation.

EurAsia Heart Foundation is registered in the Trade Registry of the Canton Zurich, Switzerland and is active since more than 10 years and is growing exponentially. Up to now, the foundation has performed more than 3200 operations and interventions and consulted more than 9800 patients. Hence, more than 13’000 patients passed through the hands of EurAsia Heart Foundation.

EurAsia Heart has become a "global player" and achieved to be a strong representative of Switzerland, which in turn has led to numerous other requests and international projects.

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